Cartoon Luminous Switch Sticker


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Name: Switch Luminous Sticker

Material: PVC

Color: Blue

Type: 29 options


1. For indicating

In the day time, the sticker is creamy-white; in the night time, the sticer will emit a blue light. So it can indicate you where is the switch, to help you quickly turn on/off the light in the darkness.

2. For decorating

We have stickers with different pattern, these cute sticker can  as a decoration, make your home more warm and interesting.


1. High quality

Made up of non-toxic, eco-friendly, waterproof, pressure resistant, shock resistant, durable fluorescent PVC plastic.

2. Self-adhesive

It is easy to stick. Just need tear off the paper of the backside and stick them on the wall.

3. Luminous vinyl

After absorb the sunlight or fluorescent lamp, the sticker can light at night. And the light storage time is short. The more light absorbed, the brighter and longer duration.

4. Multiple occasions

Can be pasted on clean, smooth, and non-textured surfaces with any background color, such as walls, tiles, glass, furniture, etc.

Package Includes:

1Pcs Luminous Sticker(If you buy 5 pcs or more, you can leave a message to tell us the article number, we can send one luminous sticker for free. For example: you buy 6Pcs, we will send you 7Pcs)

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